Paul C. Williams

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Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a savvy technologist with 20 years of experience. In those 20 years, he's specialized in working with highly regulated industries like aircraft maintenance, insurance and financial payments as both a process consultant and a technology design and implementation specialist.

Paul guides his customers in designing and implementing business processes and supporting technology solutions which meet the dual realities of business requirements and regulatory constraints. He has experience in the analysis of regulatory materials and business requirements, and leverages that into robust solution designs. Paul leads teams across organizations in implementing solutions that meet design criteria and implement business requirements on schedule and budget.

Paul's primary training is in software engineering, and has followed up by earning an MBA. Paul leverages his training and experience in business and management to execute projects that have superior outcomes.

Paul has worked worldwide, with customers and partners across countries in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. Paul works both with virtual teams and as an on-site presence. Paul enjoys world business travel, and knows the value of face-to-face communications in cross-culture relationships.

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Expert advocate and implementor of complex IT projects in customer and partner facing roles as Solution Architect, Pre-sales Engineer, Consultant, Trainer and Customer Service Engineer.


CyberSource, Inc (Boulder, CO)

Sr. Solution Architect, September 2012 - Present

Lead and contributed to projects to guide and extend implementation of a custom payment gateway. Successfully deployed projects to help customers manage PCI compliance risk, and effectively manage payments business.

InfoTrust, Inc (Superior, CO)

Technical Lead, November 2008 - September 2012

Work to deploy and support specialized aircraft maintenance manual content management systems, and provide integration into other ERP systems at customer's site. Worked in all phases of project cycle from pre-sales through support. Consistently high customer satisfaction and strong record of moving the sales pipeline.

LexisNexis Examen, Inc (Sacramento, CA)

Sr. Software Engineer, October 2004 - November 2008

Built and maintained integration infrastructure for ingestion and integration of matter management data for oversight and management in Examen's systems. Reduced on-boarding of a typical customer from three months to three weeks.

DST Output (El Dorado Hills, CA)

Sr. Software Engineer, Feburary 2001 - October 2004

Lead teams implementing large volume print-and-mail formatting software. Software generated 1.8% of all US First-Class mail; billions of sheet-images annually within an 8-hour processing turnaround and 99.99% accuracy rate (measured by complete and correct formatting)

Prior Engagements

IT Administrator
Slater & Son Construction, Chico CA: May 1999 - December 2000
UHFS CSU Chico, Chico, CA: Janurary 1998 - May 1999
IT Intern (Business Applications)
Komag (now Western Digital), San Jose, CA: May 1994 - June 1997


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